Scholarship Project


Due to economic restraints and limited opportunities, it is incredibly unusual for Achuar students to pursue their education any further than high school.  Educating young Achuar men and women is a key to development and provides opportunities to them as well as their wider communities. In collaboration with registered UK Charity, The Condor Trust, we are fundraising to support one gifted student at Colegio Tuna through their university studies.





Currently tourism projects (especially at Kapawi Eco-Lodge and Reserve ) heavily rely on the services of Quito-based non-Achuar naturalist guides and administrative staff. During the activities offered to visitors, an Achuar guide joins the groups.   The aim is to get one gifted Achuar student into tertiary education to tourism and specialise  in an area such as guiding or the setting up of micro-businesses in ecotourism.  Female students especially have extremely limited options as to their life choices  and the scholarship programme aim to support a female student next time round. The Condor Trust will also collaborate by providing the necessary pastoral care and guidance as the student begins living between the jungle and the city. 

Andres Ordonez & Antonio Shaki of Kapawi CESKA




The student, Olger Tentets, is finishing his  secondary education this summer and is in the process of graduating from Unidad Educativa Tuna.  He is now applying to start a 3-year course (técnologo level) at a private college in Cuenca, Ecuador. Sudamericano has offered him a scholarship to cover his school fees under the college’s “intercultural relations” programme, but Olger needs his living expenses to be covered as well.


At the end of his studies, Olger will obtain a national level tour guide certificate as well as a qualification that allows him to set up a modest eco-tourism business in his community of Wayusentsa.  Beyond the obvious gains offered by a tertiary-level diploma, Olger will be able to help his community to set up a small business in eco-tourism whose ripple effects will have the potential to effect his community at large. Olger has the support and encouragement of his family, his community and the staff body of Colegio Tuna to go ahead with his studies in this way.


About The Condor Trust for Education

The Condor Trust for Education provides financial support to 30 children in Ecuador, South America who are desperate to attend secondary school but whose families cannot afford to send them to school. Although the state provides free schooling, pupils have to supply their own uniform, books and all other materials and cannot attend without them. Low income families also often expect their children to earn some money to support themselves. Without our help, these children would be trying to make a living on the street.

Our support allows them to enrol in school, buy the what they need, and ensures they have a good meal at least once a day. Our local trustees and volunteers provide personal support to all the children, helping them cope with problems in and out of school and ensuring they make the most of their education. Without education, the future of these children would be bleak: your donations can help us offer them a chance to escape from poverty and create a better life for themselves and their families. We need £13 per child per week, or £52 per month, to give each child the opportunities we take for granted. Please give as generously    

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