Or, please consider making your contribution by purchasing a copy of  ‘The Achuar of the Pastaza River: A Glimpse into Their Rainforest World’

Written by Dr. J. Mowczko (published 2014), profits from the sale of this book will be used to provide educational resources for the children from Achuar communities located along the Capahuari and Pastaza Rivers.

Purchase from Amazon:


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Educational Resources

Educational resources are always needed at the school; exercise books, pens, white boards, folders, text books, flash cards, CD players, CDs, maps….

Thank you to Sandra for bringing the map to Kapawi!! It’s now hanging in the classroom!!

Furthermore any small equipment that may be useful for volunteer teachers / students such as kinetic powered torches, mosquito nets, solar showers, rain ponchos are always appreciated. To make a donation please contact:


lamps 2

Solar lamps

lamps 1

Distributing the solar lamps in the community